Entry 129

Name: Grazyna
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Entry 128

Name: Lance S Staub
Location: Sequim, WA
Comments: Glad I had an opportunity to talk to you briefly during your break at the Port Townsend event a couple years ago. I, so often, reflect back on the two years from 1956 thru 1958 at Napredak Hall, when I was a teenager dancing to you, Larry and Pee Wee. as two of the greatest years of my life. I was in hopes that Napredak Hall would post some old pics of the West Coast Allstars on the old stage, but they have not. Do you, by chance, have any pics of the old band on stage there? That would be great to have in you photo gallery. Keep up the music, Bobby!

Entry 127

Name: russell morlock
Location: richmond
Comments: thats BOBBY not booby -nice guy and a great steel guitar player - this man's history is very deep!!!1497206676

Entry 126

Name: Michael McClain
Location: Dunsmuir, Ca.
Comments: Just wanted to send Bobby my prayers for a fast recovery from his accident injuries.

Entry 125

Name: russell morlock
Location: richmond,ca.
Comments: booby is so cool,man!

Entry 124

Name: Maria
Location: south lake tahoe
Comments: If you get to Virginia city again let us know.Found pics of don't cox and the band.

Entry 123

Name: Maria
Location: South Lake Tahoe
Comments: Hi Bobby & Shelia,,Just been sitting outside listening to some music and really started reminiscing about Larry , you and Shelia...Gilroy ..Salinas.. Some GREAT times!!! Hope all is well. If you get to the Lake let me know. Maria

Entry 122

Name: Graham Griffith
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Comments: Tried to email Bobby but the email bounced back.

Entry 121

Name: Chris Herald
Location: Reno
Comments: Hello. I saw you play a few years back with the Saddle Cats in Virginia City and loved it. I have been enjoying a couple steel guitar albums of yours that I picked up at the show, and looked you up. I hope I get a chance to see you play again soon. Keep up the beautiful music! Best, Chris Herald

Entry 120

Name: Virgil
Location: Healdsburg, CA
Comments: Bobby: Would you be available July 20, 2013 for an afternoon/early evening solo engagement for my 73rd birthday? Virgil 707.529.0026

Entry 119

Name: todd black
Location: Port Aransas TX
Comments: hey UNCLE BOB!! i miss you and hope you are well..I have been very well...I found an old album of yours in a record store when I was there using the store as a location for a VW commercial i was in...i was playing as a DJ grabbing albums and going into my car...it was cool... Anyways...please send me a skull orchard album if you can or anything else of you and my grampa playing together...it would make me stoked... THnaks...Love you, I moved to Texas a few months ago, ill be here a while...Todd Black 465 Marina Dr. Port Aransas TX 78373

Entry 118

Name: James Haverkamp
Location: Oakland
Comments: Bobby--Just wanted to again say what a pleasure it was to hear you and Richard Chon and the Saddle Cats last Sat.! Glad to learn more about your distinguished career but very sorry to learn of your brother's passing. I'm sure you were an incredible duo! Looking forward to hearing you again next time. Best regards, James Haverkamp

Entry 117

Name: Mike spindler
Location: Amagansett ny
Comments: Thank you for all the great steel guitar playing with Commander Cody and the lost planet Airmen "............ What a band that was .... Just saw Bill Kirchen and he signed my telecaster , now it's Priceless!!! I just love the old Cody band and loved your steel guitar playing , you and your music will never be forgotten ...... A sincere thanks

Entry 116

Name: Willard Capen
Location: Apple Valley
Comments: Bobby, I had the privilege of playing with you and your brother Larry at the Garden of Allah in Niles,CA I believe in 58 or 59.I was the Drummer that stood up on the level behind you and Larry. I only worked for several weekends however they were the best times I had in the area. I was there the night John Cash and the Tennessee Two appeared as well as with Marvin Rainwater and Maddox Brothers and Rose. Also did a R & R show in Petaluma when Gene Vincent came back from Australia. His leg was in a cast.

Entry 115

Name: John Guess (Little Johnny Guess)
Location: Burbank
Comments: Hey Bobby, it's been many years. So sorry to hear about Larry. I hope you're doing well. I'm in Burbank now. Give me a call if you care to (818) 517-3660.

Entry 114

Name: Michael McClain
Location: San Jose
Comments: Love Your Music

Entry 113

Name: Craig
Location: Covina, CA
Comments: "Last night I dreamed I went to a place called Guitar Haven. And guess who was there to meet me by the door?" Craig Barrow. Peninsula Sound Sudio. I think it was around 1971 or so. Reading your biography. Just learnd of Larry's passing. He was a perfectionist. Let me know what you are up to. Would love to see you.

Entry 112

Name: Virgil
Location: Healdsburg, CA
Comments: Reconized you in Jonie Morris' Patsy Cline Remembered show at the Raven Theater yesterday. Met you 2 years ago at Dry Creek Passport week-end. You were playing at the Family Wineries and I introduced myself (Played hawaiian steel on Radio and TV in Ft. Smith, Ark. when i was fourteen). I was in tears at the show yesterday between your music and the flood of nostilga; plus accompanying my sense of loss for moving beyond playing the pedal guitar. Hope to hear from and see you soon. drvirgil@grape-escape.net, ph. 707.529.0026

Entry 111

Name: Neal Moss
Location: sioux center,iowa
Comments: I love your album the steel guitar of Bobby Black . I have a double ten steel guitar .made by Carter I enjoy playing it. still a beginner.NJM

Entry 110

Name: James Lemelin
Location: Sacramento
Comments: Hey Bobby, my friend Keith Mckee, drums for Joni Morris, told me he was playing with you so I thought I would check out your site. I hope to meet you sometime. James Lemelin

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