For over five decades, the Black Brothers - Bobby and Larry - have plied their trade as working musicians in nearly every venue of the entertainment industry. Much of that time was spent on the road with touring artists. But in the earlier times, their craft was honed in the night clubs and juke joints lovingly referred to as "skull orchards." *

* skull orchard (skul - or - cherd), n. a musician's term for a bar, honky-tonk or dance hall.

It was in these skull orchards that they paid their dues and had many experiences while doing so. Little exists to document those sometimes less-than-momentous occasions, but a few recordings of their gigs, such as this one, have survived.

While the recording does not meet today's state-of-the-art recordings, it provides a genuine glimpse back in time to the days of live music in these "skull orchards." It is captured in this 12 song CD, warts and all. We invite you to listen to a few of the tunes and if you would like to add this rare CD to your collection, contact Bobby via email and he will help you make that happen.